Completed wishes

Silvano wanted to meet Bumba, and was allowed to!

By december 26, 2020No Comments

Today Sylvia went to Silvano’s birthday together with Bumba (Jenny). Silvano is a big Bumba fan and his biggest wish was a Meet & Greet with Bumba and he wanted to drive a red sports car. We from the Westlands Hope foundation were able to make Silvano’s wish to meet Bumba come true!

His reaction was indescribably beautiful, he was so very happy. He wanted to be photographed with Bumba and of course he also wanted to be together in the beautiful red sportscar. Silvano also got a present from Bumba which he was very happy with, it was a Bumba steering wheel he wanted to have. With a big smile on his face Silvano said goodbye to Bumba and then went for his ride in the red sportscar. This is what we do it for!

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