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There is hope! Flow of donations for seriously ill daughters Monique after Linda de Mol’s game show

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She is completely silent about it. Monique Blaauw from Naaldwijk had started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for her daughters. They both suffer from Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS), a connective tissue disorder. An operation is vitally important, but more than 160,000 euros are needed for it. Despite her own crowdfunding campaign going well, the final goal remained far away. Until Linda de Mol’s new TV program gave the action a boost.

In the new show, ‘This quiz is for you’, Dutch celebrities play for a good cause in the auditorium. But what the charity is, will only be announced at the end of the program. Monique had no idea that her crowdfunding action would be the charity. I thought I was just sitting at a quiz,’ she looks back. A colleague had asked me: yo, come with me. Then you can win money, you can make good use of it. And otherwise you’ll just have a nice evening’.

Halfway through Monique got a bit of a suspicion. Every time it was said that the person in question ‘really needed the money’. But I thought: for the same money, there are other people in the room who could really use the money. You just don’t know. My colleague also kept staring ahead of him or herself.

In shock

During the show, presenters Merel Westrik and Rik van de Westelaken collected 48,000 on Saturday for charity. When Linda de Mol announced for whom the amount of money was meant, Monique was in shock. I was completely out of the world. I was warm, I was shaking. You are very happy at such a moment, but there was also a lot of disbelief. This is such a huge step forward! Suddenly you are so much closer to your final goal. It’s unbelievable…’

But Monique got the biggest surprise after the show. That’s when it all happened on our crowdfunding site. Donations came in one after another. Lots of sweet messages from people who had seen the show and looked it in the eyes with tears. At one point our site was even overloaded.


Meanwhile, 150,000 euros of the 160,000 has been received. This is a gift from heaven’, sighs Monique. On April 13th her daughters Jane (20) and Rosa (19) fly to Barcelona. There the 15th of April will be examined and then Jane the 20th of April will be operated on and Rosa a day later.

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