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Duh Ooiuvaahs hands over a piggy bank on May 16th!

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Every performance they do, they raise money for our foundation. This top musical band will hand over the piggy bank with donations for our foundation on May 16th. Will you come and watch?

This spectacle will take place on May 16, 2020 from 16:00 to 20:00 in De Mondriaan on the Savorin Lohman square in The Hague.

The band is founded early 2017 after a jam session:

– Dennis Treebusch singing and guitar
– Marco Farla solo guitar and vocals
– Bass Guyt vocals and guitar

It sounded very good and there was a musical click. So they started the first flights. After some gigs and a change of musicians a bass player named Marco van de Vorstenbosch joined them. This gave us more ground for a wider repertoire consisting of songs from the 60’s until now.

Songs of a.o. Pink Floyd, Stones, bowie, allmon brothers , Bee-Gees, America, C C R, Boudewijn de groot, De Dijk etc. will be heard.

Martin Holstein, who is a keyboardplayer, came last in the litter and completes the band.


Duh Ooiuvaahs are for all parties and celebrations, something for everyone, until the next flight.



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