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‘s Gravenboules

‘s Gravenboules

Bakkerij Malkenhorst


Buggy Westland

Buggy Westland

Cannes By Kim

brasserie cannes

Jeux des Boules…….Mama was that again?? euh….. Yes, little one, that’s something with big marbles. Well do you want to know? Then you are welcome here,with your mom and dad,brothers,sisters and maybe some good friends. But please ask in advance if they are not too good.

Always wanted to take a look in a bakery to see how all the goodies are made? Bakker Wim is going to tell you his secrets. And who knows, you may make a nice cake or pastry yourself.

This is so cool! Nice with a baby carriage on the road. Maybe even on the beach, of course under good supervision!

Zo…. Als je hier geweest bent kun je en koken en serveren. Kim toont je de keuken en gaat samen met je vriendjes of vriendinnetjes een lekker iets maken, maar afwassen hoort er ook bij natuurlijk.

De Tapuit Duinwacht

De Tapuit Duinwacht

De Verkleedkist


de Zweth

De Zweth


Wens van Djesse

Strolling through the dunes with a real dune keeper! Eyes open and ears pricked! In the dune garden you can see, hear, smell and feel everything. Spotting deer, stalking foxes or with a real Jeep into the dunes!

At the Dress Up Box you can choose a nice outfit that you would like to wear that day. Dress up as a banana, as a sea pirate or maybe as one of the ladies of K3. It’s all possible here and mom and dad can have a good time too!

De Zweth in Kwintsheul has been the address for many years for fun activities such as pedal boating, sailing around in a whisper boat, mini golf and complete children’s parties. So do you want to whisper about the pedal boats or a fun game of mini golf with your family? We are going to arrange that!

Have you ever driven a car on the beach? That’s what we’re going to do but not with an ordinary car but with an animal ambulance. Or do you prefer to look for birds, hedgehogs or other animals? It’s your day, so you can say it!

Duinboerderij Willemshoeve


Hebbes Partyschmink

logo hebbes partyschmink



Huisdieren Ziekenhuis

Anneloes wordt dierendokter

“Tôôôk, tok, tôôôk!” sounds loud from the chicken coop. The chickens are hungry, and that’s a good thing: you have a bag of food with you. You step into the run with the bag of grain, the smell of chickens is coming towards you. A day at Duinboerderij Willemshoeve is always fun!

Hebbes Partyschmink, , the maidens of ‘t Westland, make sure that all children, big and small, have the time of their lives.
Professional makeup and enthusiastic employees make your children’s faces shine. Do you want a makeup party? Choose this wish!

The leg position and foot axis of the horse must first be examined carefully. Depending on the way the horse stands and moves, the hooves are trimmed. Would you like to trim a horse together with a farrier? Then choose this wish.

At the Pet Hospital you can find the best care for your pet. In our practices around The Hague several veterinarians have daily practice. Would you like to see how it goes at an animal hospital? Then you choose this wish.

Lasergame Westland

Lasergame verhuur westland



Onwijs lekker!

Onwijs Lekker!

Boerderij ‘t Sonnetje

Pannenkoeken 't Sonnetje

Would you like to play laser games outside in the woods or park with your friends or family? Lasergame Rental Westland provides laser game guns and cool army clothing. We’ll give you explanations and tips for cool games, so you can have fun for hours on end. Have fun!

Popcorn, lemonade fountain, building a raft, boating or anything else? ….. All this is possible here! The owner only had to think about it for 3 seconds. Of course I’m in!

Here the children can make something tasty with chocolate. And then of course eat yourself with mom and dad and your friends.

Yes!!! Also cool. Here you can make and decorate your own pancakes with your parents and of course a boyfriend and eat them. Also the failed one!

Party Bowling Westland

Partybowling Westland

Plukkerij Framblij

Plukkerij Framblij

Politie Westland

Politie Bureau Westland

Pure Passie

Pure Passie

Yes, of course you know what bowling is. But have you ever been able to find out what happens to those pins and balls? I will tell you …. No, I won’t. Everything will be explained to you when you’re there, as long as you can lift the ball because of course you can bowl yourself!

Cozy raspberry picking and of course drinking with it. Lemonade or for the ladies a cup of tea. You can cuddle around with the bunnies and if you’re too tough for that, there’s also a playground!

Police Station Westland wants to go out with you. Looking behind the scenes at the work of the police. Who knows, you might be allowed to drive along in a real police car!

Would you like to take up the challenge with the Chef Chef to see who can cook better? Ok let’s see then! Pure Passion challenges you!

R2 Transport


Radio Centraal Den Haag

Radio Centraal Den Haag

Studio Lianna


Tennisclub Honselersdijk

Tennisclub Honselersdijk

Driving with tough trucks rubble…. that’s cool!

Enjoy playing radio DJ at a real radio station. That’s pretty cool!

Jeez mommy, you look tired from all that running to the hospital. Daddy says it too. You know what? I’m gonna give you a nice beauty treatment together with Lianne. Maybe I’ll get a mask myself?

Wimbledon will never be the same again, if these beauties had a clinic or class at Tennis Club Honselerdijk. Racket on and go…….. and of course beat mom or dad!

Van der Ende Racing

Kinderfeestje karten

Veenman Infra

veenman infra

Vogelopvang De Houtsnip

Vogelopvang De Houtsnip



Karting or laser gaming? Van der Ende racing would like to teach you how to drive such a super fast kart or how about laser gaming. Fat cool!

Sitting on an excavator or a tractor? Or just moving a mountain of soil with a shovel? Come on Bob the builders, at Veenman Westland you can!

Playing Sister or Brother is pretty cool. This time not for people, but for sick birds and birds that are under the mire that unfortunately floats in the sea. Also, some birds still need to be fed, but that’s also going to be fine. Swans are big, so they do it themselves!

Strandjutten …… What is that? Well, that’s what you’re taught, that’s not so difficult. But…….who is going to find the treasure on the beach? You,your sister,your brother or your boyfriends?

Westlands Oldtimers

Westland Oldtimers

Westlandse Molens

Molen de Vier winden

Can you help?

Driving around in a vintage car is pretty cool of course…. Westland Oldtimers is going to take care of this.

Cool! …. Take a ride with a real miller or stand on top of the mill while he spins hard and of course help with grinding. Molen Windlust participates and I think all other Westland mills do too.

We are always looking for companies and persons who can help us to give the children a nice day. Can you donate a wish? Let us know!

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