Chantal Janzen new ambassador Princess Máxima Centre

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The Princess Máxima Center for Paediatric Oncology has asked Chantal Janzen to become ambassador of her center. It is a unique center in Europe where all highly complex care and research for children with cancer comes together and was festively opened by Queen Máxima in June 2018.

In the Princess Máxima Center, the diagnosis and treatment of children are reimbursed by the health insurance companies; the research and all the facilities required to realize the above mission require financial support from our society. Thanks to donations from individuals, funds, foundations and organizations, the Princess Máxima Centre Foundation is able to realize the necessary facilities that fall outside the regular care coverage. And it is precisely these facilities that are crucial for the well-being of the child and family during the long process of treatments and admissions and in the period thereafter.

Chantal Janzen will work as ambassador to support the Princess Máxima Centre in its mission: ‘to cure every child with cancer, with an optimal quality of life’. Approximately 600 children in the Netherlands get cancer every year. One in four children with cancer still dies of this disease.

Rob Pieters, Medical Director Princess Máxima Center, member of the Executive Board and Professor of Pediatric Oncology: ‘Chantal Janzen is a model for the Dutch population, she appeals to everyone and has two feet on the ground. And above all, she really wants to dedicate herself to our important goal, which makes her a wonderful ambassador for the Máxima’.

Chantal Janzen: ‘Since its opening, I have been regularly involved in the Princess Máxima Center, where I learned how important the work of the doctors, researchers and nurses is in their goal of curing all children with cancer. In my new role as ambassador, I can now contribute something to the treatment of and research into child cancer’.

In the episode of the TV series ‘Chantal Komt Werken’ (Chantal Comes to Work) from Thursday May 2nd on RTL 4, you can see the experiences of Chantal who worked as a nurse in the Princess Máxima Center for one day.

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