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Call: Truckers wanted for sick Tristan

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Dear Entrepreneur this is a call to you!

Through our foundation Westlands Hoop we received a call from the family of a boy named Tristan. Below you can read the call.

Call to all truckers among my friends, the baby of my youngest brother has been operated on his heart for the tenth time yesterday. He is barely 6 years young.

Tristan loves beautiful trucks and everything that has to do with trucks. Who wants to give him a nice picture of your truck. Thank you all in advance.

Now we would like to surprise this little man from the Westlands Hope Foundation.

Call from us: what do we ask? Do you have promotional material of your truck?

Here you can think of pennants, small model trucks, and actually everything that has to do with trucks.

We are happy to collect this from you, so we can make and send you a nice surprise package for Tristan. Unfortunately, because of Corona, we can’t visit you to deliver it.

On behalf of Westlands hope thanks in advance

Kind regards,

Rob Bulsing

oproep aan truckers voor tristan

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